1. Signs of Depression in Adults

    PLEASE NOTE: this list is NOT intended to diagnose or treat you. See a licensed mental health provider or medical professional for proper diagnosis and treatment. Most people get “the blues” sometimes that last a day or two. However, Major Depressive Disorder is a SERIOUS and often FATAL illness that occurs in approximately 6.7 percent of US adults. Medications can be helpful, but come with si…Read More

  2. Say What You Need to Say: Healthy Communication Tips

    Even if your hands are shaking And your faith is broken Even if your eyes are closing Say it with your heart wide open Say what you need to say.  (John Mayer) “Finding your voice” is a wonderful benefit of therapy, as you learn here that you have both a RIGHT to ask for what you want and the WAY to state your needs respectfully. Some basic tips when you are “saying what you need to say:” …Read More

  3. Simple Ways to De-Stress

    It contributes to illness. It’s the major factor in back pain. In fact, it makes ANY pain worse. And it’s not always caused by bad things-it can be related to celebrations, new jobs, holidays, new babies, and many other things we would never wish away. Yes, I’m talking about stress, or as defined by Webster’s, “a strain or pressure on the body or mind.” It’s almost always presented a…Read More

  4. Untreated depression is indeed dangerous

    Depression wreaks havoc on the entire body by throwing the stress response system out of whack. The risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and cancer are all raised as normal immune function is disturbed by anxiety, stress and /or depression. Difficult relationships, parenting and work issues all contribute to this situation. This post contains my  “prescription” for becoming (and stay…Read More

  5. What Therapy Stage Are You In?

    SURVIVAL: Virtually all counseling clients start at this level. You are in crisis, at a low point, depressed or anxious. My focus here is an immediate and practical prescription for helping you regain hope and basic functioning. This most often includes health issues such as exercise and rest, as well as releasing pain out of the body by relaxation and journaling. RECOVERY: At this stage you move …Read More

  6. Welcome to Prairie Village Therapy Services

    Where your journey to happiness begins. Located at 83rd and Mission in Prairie Village the office is close to local schools, churches and businesses and is accessible by major highways. In addition, I am licensed to practice in both Kansas ad Missouri. (more…)…Read More

  7. About Us

    I love what I do! I love to make a difference and I love to see both the quick, short-term changes and the long-term permanent changes that counseling provides. What could be more rewarding! I’ve been a professional counselor since (more…)…Read More

  8. Our Services

    Your challenge may be very specific or it may be more general in nature. Here is a list of just some of the things that can be addressed and respond well to therapy: (more…)…Read More