1. Ways We Avoid Healing

    “If I journal, then I have to THINK about my husband having an affair,” stated my client flatly. “Why would I want to do that?” That may sound a bit silly to you, but as human beings we are always finding distractions from our issues that need attention or problem solving. How many of these do YOU do? Work: feeling centered only when working or accomplishing Sex: hiding from uncomfortable …Read More

  2. Treating Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, and Couples Issues

    Have you ever wondered about all of the types of counseling or therapy providers out there? All of the issues in this title can be treated by several different kinds of licensed professionals. The key word to look for is “Licensed,” because it means a certain level of accountability to a governing body and a minimum Master’s level of education. Here’s an overview of some of the types of li…Read More

  3. Assessing Your Healing: Signs of Progress in Therapy

    Signs of Progress in you Therapy. Do you know that you can focus on various areas in your life to see if you are feeling better in specific ways? This is a fun, informal quiz to use for this purpose. Rate your improvement from 1 to 4, with 4 being the most improved. Leave it blank if it doesn’t apply to you. Take the results to your therapist for discussion. LIFE ISSUES*: __Self Esteem __Ability…Read More

  4. 10 Gifts to Give Yourself This Year

    1. Turn off the TV news for the holiday season.  Instead, light candles and put on music. 2. Notice even the smallest of your daily accomplishments instead of what you DIDN’T get done. Keep a “success list!” 3. Remember that we get what we focus on in life. Focusing on good points in yourself and others will bring MORE of them. 4. Take a “senses walk” for 20 minutes, 4 times a week. Not…Read More

  5. Helpful Hints for Holiday Happenings

    As the holiday season draws near, so do the stressful encounters with family! Here are some tips for making it through with your holiday spirit intact. 1. Remind yourself that people are under more pressure and are going to be harder to get along with on special days. 2. If you choose to speak up-and “rocking the boat” is NOT a bad thing—use an “I message.” Example: Mom, I feel hurt when…Read More

  6. Relationship Resolutions

    At this time of year we often find ourselves around people who stress or frustrate us. The problems between us arise again and again as the Holidays progress. This is a good time of year to set some fresh resolutions; not about losing weight or saving money, but about dealing with our loved ones in a compassionate yet assertive way. Here are some ways to achieve this goal. 1.     Understand th…Read More

  7. Don’t Miss This Moment—the Key to Happiness

    “Mommy, hello please? Hello please?” the little girl repeated plaintively as she tugged on her mother’s skirt as mom obliviously tapped on her cell phone. The invention of our hand held devices is a very mixed blessing! On the one hand, we have the virtual world and relationships at our fingertips. Somebody can Like you on Facebook!! The adrenaline hit that brings is addictive and draws us i…Read More

  8. Family Counseling: How can it Help Us?

    Maybe you have asked yourself this question while yelling at your teenager, struggling with the family budget, or watching your spouse work too much. Let’s explore some answers that might help you understand the benefits of sitting your family down together under the guidance of a licensed therapist. It gives everyone an equal voice. I am trained to observe and detect what isn’t necessarily sa…Read More

  9. How’s Your Hula Hoop? Healthy Boundaries

    “My mother is always telling me what to do, and then she wonders why I don’t call her more often,” my client sighed as she wiped away tears of frustration. “Do you tell her that you’d prefer her not to do that?” I prodded gently. “No! I can’t talk back to my mother,” she replied, shocked. All of us have personal space that we must protect from invasion by others and most of us ar…Read More

  10. Signs of Bipolar Disorder

    With the recent celebrity Bipolar diagnoses in the news, I am providing for you an Informal Screening tool. This is NOT a substitute for testing by a licensed Mental Health Provider or psychiatrist. If you think you need help, please contact a professional immediately.  BIPOLAR INFORMAL MOOD DISORDER QUESTIONNAIRE Has there ever been a period of time when you were not your usual self and… ___Yo…Read More